What are the house hold work pregnant lady should avoid ?

Question & AnswersCategory: Pregnancy and BirthWhat are the house hold work pregnant lady should avoid ?
Susana yara asked 9 months ago

List of house hold work that pregnant women should not do 

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Neha Singh Staff answered 9 months ago

During your pregnancy, it’s okay for you to do your daily work–provided you take some precautions.
This being said, you might need to pass the following homework from your to – do list, delegated to someone else, or employ a certain assistance if you have certain pregnancy problems or constraints, or just want to play a pregnancy card!
Have you an uncontrollable drive to destroy and overcome stubbornness?
Although you may overdo your nesting instinct, it is also essential that you do so easily during your pregnancy. when your due date approaches.
Some family jobs are simply not secure for moms to expect. Here are four pregnancy activities:

  • Do not move heavy furnishings.
  • Change the cat’s litter box for someone else.
  • Avoid spraying with ant or roach.
  • Stay on furniture refurbishment.
  • Curtain hanging and fan cleaning
  • Laundry (washing cloth and ironing).
  • Bathroom cleaning


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