Why pregnant women need to have sex everyday?

Question & AnswersCategory: Pregnancy and BirthWhy pregnant women need to have sex everyday?
lata asked 8 months ago

Reason behind pregnant women need to have sex everyday.

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Neha Singh Staff answered 8 months ago

Sex is useful both for you and your child during pregnancy:

It can assist you sleep better, reduce your blood pressure, and even make you glad! Some of the major advantages of pregnancy sex are here. As you tried to conceive, you and your partner may have had lots of bedroom meetings.

Getting it on can be a self-exercise. Actually, gender offers many of the same physical advantages as sneakers. Still better?
Many of these advantages can also help to relieve some of the discomfort that you may feel these days.

Sex can assist during pregnancy:
Burn some additional calories: in just half an hour, you will torch about 50 calories. That’s not enough for your training replacement, but yeah, it’s better than nothing!

Decrease blood pressure:
It’s always a nice thing to have a healthy blood pressure. However, when you have a baby on board it is particularly crucial since high blood pressure is associated with preeclampsia complication.

Sleep healthier:
It is relaxing to retain that post-sex glow, so you might get tossed and turned a bit less later on. As a bonus added? All this rocking can make you sleep for your child, which could lead to fewer kicks while you try to doze away.

Easing pain and discomfort:

Orgasms signal oxytocin release, a sensational hormone which can enhance your pain tolerance. You may not be as disturbed by that achy back or cramp leg after sex.

Enhance your immunity:

The same release of oxytocin is supposed to increase your immune system, according to studies. This is particularly crucial, because during pregnancy you are more vulnerable to bugs.

Reduces pain:
Some hormones such as prolactin, oestrogen and boost blood flow into the pelvic area, causing the vagina to become more lubricant and sensitive

Increase intimacy:
When they both have sex during pregnancy, the link between husband and wife is not broken.

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