(COVID-19): Treatment & Prevention at Home

Anyone who is sick — even though they don’t know for sure whether they have coronavirus (COVID-19) — will remain home until they require medical treatment. This helps deter further transmission of the disease to other individuals.

Precaution to be taken at home during Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Stay away from other people and pets inside your house as far as possible.
  • Wear a protection of the face with a cloth (or face mask if you have one), should they have to be with people. Mesh face coverings are not for use by people above the age of 2 who do not have respiratory problems. Don’t leave a infant alone while wearing a face-covering cloth. To see how to put on and remove face coverings of tissue and face masks, clean them or make your own face cover.
  • Cover with a towel the cough and sneezes, throw out the towel and wash their hands instantly. Wash for at least 20 seconds of soap and water, or using a hand sanitizer based on alcohol.
  • Live in a space if possible, and using a different toilet in the house from other people.
  • Provide individual plates, bottles, cups, and utensils and should not exchange them with other members of the family. Run them through the dishwasher after use, or wash them with very hot soapy water.
  • Provide different bedding and towels and should not exchange them with other members of the family.

What will
I contact the Physician?

1)   If the person you care for appears to be getting sicker, call your doctor immediately. Tell your doctor about their symptoms and whether coronavirus (COVID-19) has been tested.

2)   If they need to go to physician:

·     The guy, if appropriate, should wear a face-covering cloth.

·     Hold tissues ready in case cough or sneeze is required.eo.

do I need to know?

1)   When you are caring for anyone with coronavirus or with signs of coronavirus, proceed to take such steps before the doctor or local health authority has confirmed that it is appropriate to avoid doing so.

2)   This can feel pretty lonely and repetitive for ill children who choose to remain home. While separated from family, classmates, and friends, children who feel good enough may wish:

·     Speak to the relatives or colleagues on the phone or make a video call.

·     Email or using other email applications to converse with friends and relatives.

·     Play games online encouraging them to play with other kids from home.

·     Play Legos or puzzles. Keep these tidy and hold indoors apart from other items.

Replace products owned by the sick party (such as mobile and computers) when they are accessed by other family members.

Check the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) websites for up-to-date, reliable information about coronavirus.

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