10 Tips to remember to take care of newborn babies

Welcome a new member in the house is always adventurous work. It is a challenge for a newborn mom to welcome a newborn baby even for everyone in family. God gifted us the new ones to make life on this earth wonderful. A mom’s life goes to the next level of maturity love and care but some worries also come with the next door. How to handle the god tender and precious gift.

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Different worries arise in the parent’s mind

  • If the baby getting enough milk to feed?
  • Why the baby continuously crying?
  • What is the right position for holding the baby?
  • How much sleep baby should take?
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May new questions arise every day in new parents’ minds?  Things to be remembered might help a new parent to be a little confident.

  1. Get some rest first: Being a newborn mom, who should have to be more careful about their health. She needs some rest so that you get recharge herself with enthusiastic energy. it helps you a lot in giving love and care to your new ones. You should not forget that you are under recovery either you have normal delivery or C-section
  2. Medication and Oil massage: Have some meditation, oil massage said by old aged wives. Your husband is also doing a lot of job in getting you back from the hospital .
  3. Mother expertise help: Your best friend your mother helps a lot. Anyone in the family who has experience taking care of a newborn will guide you where you need help.
  4. Should Maintain Healthy Hygiene: Newborn babies are delicate and prone to infection as their immune system is weak. That’s why it’s important to maintain healthy hygiene. Always wash your hands before holding your baby and trim your nail regularly.
  5. Diapering the baby:
    1. The diapering of the baby is a very attentive job little ones will have about 10 dirty diapers a  day.
    2. Before diapering, make sure all supplies are within reach so that the infant is not left unattended on the changing table.
    3. After each bowel movement or wet diaper, place your baby on his back and then remove the dirty diaper.  water, cotton balls and wash clothes to clean the baby genital area.
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