Buying online birth control pills can be safe and efficient pills
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A small U.S. study conclude that, “If a woman seeks to improve the availability of birth controls, this seems to be a very reasonable option particularly for those who struggle to find a supplier or have problems accessing a physician,” Senior writer AteeV Mehrotra of Harvard Me. Services based on the Internet or smartphone apps are usually safe and efficient for the purchase of oral contracts.

The reliability of the services provided by internet companies was of interest to experts. We allow patients to collect their drugs by post or prescription by submitting electronic questionnaires, while eliminating the burden of visiting a hospital.

Mehrotra and his team hired seven women aged 20 to 29 years old who portrayed a wide range of traditional clinicians to determine how easy it is to buy digital contraception and if vendors are doing equivalent testing to in-person providers.

Women with rare medical conditions were included in the volunteers, which made them poor candidates for oral contraception such as migraine with aura or an earlier deep vein thrombosis or blood clot. Between October 2018 and March 2019, all women were asked to purchase birth control from nine online suppliers, with a total of 63 visits from suppliers.

Some of them provide women’ s health services, including Planned Parenthood and The Pill Club, while others, such as Virtuwell and Lemonaid, deal with several disorders varying from erectile dysfunction to allergies.

During virtual appointments, clinicians answered a survey and a minimum of 7.5 minutes. The researchers have noted in The New England Journal of Medicine that the phone and video follow-up sessions used by some vendors took less than 10 minutes.

The team found that in only three of 45 cases patients whose oral birth control was contraindicated obtained medications. The same woman, who suffered from a relatively unusual hepatic condition, was in two of these cases overlooked even during visits to a clinic, noted Mehrotra.

In an interview, Mehrotra told Reuters Health, doctors may finish missing rare conditions because they can use memory to ask patients for medical conditions or medicine that may make oral birth control unsafe or ineffective.

Mehrotra said that automated checklists used by online sellers significantly reduce the chances of contraindicating pills.

The average price for a 12-month prescription for patients without insurance was $313, according to researchers-comparable to a medical visit to the hospital.

Whether women received their drugs by fax and obtained their medications for urgent retrieval at a local pharmacy.

“To have a relationship with a provider who knows you and knows your medical history is always an advantage. Yet, especially when you are talking about condoms, this is constantly privilege, “said Dr. Saron Gerber from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

Nevertheless, change is still necessary.

The study team points out that most sellers did not give information about other forms of birth control nor did they contain questions about whether a person would have problems adhering to a daily pill scheme.

People can only buy the drugs through tele contraception, since sellers are unable to deal with issues of sexually transmitted infections or preventive care that would usually be addressed during clinical visits.

“The focus of telecontraception and telemedicine in general is on care rather than treatment and then referral to patients who need additional care elsewhere,” said Gerber by call.

She aims to promote the growing popularity of virtual doctors to set up quality controls and provide extensive reproductive therapy.

Nevertheless, Mehrotra cautioned that oral birth control pills are a less effective form of an intra-uterine system than permanent, long-acting contraceptives.

So if online access encourages the use of the pill by more women, “they might potentially lead to more unwanted pregnancies.”


SOURCE: New England Journal of Medicine

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