For twin deliveries, moderate weight increase can be healthier.
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For twin deliveries, moderate weight increase can be healthier. But, if twin pregnancies are involved, too much weight gain may be as dangerous as too little, a US study suggests. Pregnant women may diet for two or more pregnancies.

The study team notes on obstetrics & gynecology there is not much proof that weight gains are suitable for a twin pregnancy.

For twin deliveries, a moderate weight increase can be healthier.

Nevertheless, they find that both extremely high and very small weight changes were correlated with more preterm births and infant deaths in a broad study of twin pregnancies.

Too little weight also was correlated with small babies for their gestational age, and excessively large babies and césar deliveries are associated with their development.

The study’s author, Lisa Bodnar of Pittsburgh University Pennsylvania. “Twin births have high rates of complications so that variables that we may change during childbirth can be known to decrease such threats.”

Over the last 40 years, twins born in America have doubled, according to Bodnar, and twins account for only 3% of births but more than 20% of premature births. Diabetes, pre-eclampsia and cesarean births also occur more in women carrying twins.

During a two-year gestation, women who are normal-weight and underweight are expected to gain 17-25 kilos (37-55 lbs) and women who are overweight gain no more than 11-19 kg (24-42 lbs).

Bodnar told Reuters Health by email: “It’s a long time we have been informed that the probability of twin births is significantly higher and the weight gain is a very normal interaction between a woman pregnant and her physician.”

The lack of data on how women and doctors can make educated guessing or not discuss weight gain, however.’ From 2003 to 2013, Bodnar and colleagues analyzed data on nearly 55,000 twin births in Pennsylvania.

Small-for-gestational-age and premature delivery were the most prevalent in pregnant women before 32 weeks. The lower childbirth body mass index (BM I, a weight compared to height measurement) also showed that large-scale conception or cesarean delivery was more popular.

Pregnancy weight gain seemed to affect the hazard of normal-weight girls as well. In comparison, for instance, to a weight rise of 20 kg, which led to about 44 lbs, a gain of 27 kg, or 60 lbs, was associated with 2.2 fewer cases of the SIG but 2.9 more cases of the LIG and 3.7 additional cases.

The authors note that weight gains in almost one in three people during the course of the study were outside the recommendations for the National Academy of Medicine.

“We don’t conclude that increase in the weight gains found in our research is necessarily better for mother and baby wellbeing, just merely that it increases the risk of poor health, above or below it,” says Bodnar. “The continued consideration of weight gain during the pregnant time between a client and the obstetrician is a major factor in childbirth,” said Dr Roger Newman of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, who was not in the process of finding an ideal scope, especially when obesity is growing nationally, underlining the significance of diet and gestational rise in height.

“Nothing can be achieved by a mother to help promote a happy outcome for her twin or triple embryo that is more important than ensuring the ideal dietary equilibrium and gestational weigh benefit,” Newman said, co-author of the book “If you plan to be twins, triplets, or quads.” “Evidence indicates that if a female does not gain excessive weight, then she and (after) a singleton of delivery will lose weight.”

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