news Weight-loss operation linked with a reduced risk of birth defects
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Females of severe obesity who are undertaking gastric circumvention to become pregnant may be less likely to be infants with birth defects than comparable females who are not having a weight loss procedure, according to a new study.

Experts also analyzed information from JAMA on the more than 33,000 people with a history of severe obesity, including 2,921 of gastric bypass procedures and a weight loss prior to pregnancy. Furthermore, 3.3% of surgeon people have babies with serious birth defects relative with 4.9% for women without weight-loss operation.

Such effects may clarify improvements in weight and blood glucose, said lead study author Martin Neovius from the Swedish Karolinska Institute.

“The incidence of birth defects increases rising dose-dependently with overweight and poorly controlled blood sugar,” Neovius said. “They have an overall Body Mass Index for females (bMI) of 43,5 and an average weight of 122 kilograms (269 pounds), so the more you’re overweight, the higher the risk of birth defects and the worse the regulation of blood glucose, the higher the risk of birth defects.” Their average body weight following surgery before birth was 82 kilograms (181 lbs).

9.7 percent of women in this sample have obtained prescribed diabetic medicine to suppress blood sugar before gastric bypass operations.

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Nevertheless, only 1.5% of them took diabetes medicine in the six months preceding birth.

“The reason behind the reported decreased risk of birth defects could be such changes,” Neovius said.

60 percent of mothers who endured gastric bypass surgeries experienced major heart defects. In this category of babies there were no neural tube defects, while in the girls who had no procedure there were 20 instances of neural tube defects.

Scientists analyzed evidence from 2007 to 2014 on singleton births in Sweden.

Both weight-loss surgeries are classified as gastric bypasses of Roux-en-Y in the process of which surgeons cut the abdomen into a small pouch about an egg width. Chirurgs then attach the pouch to the body edge, so that food goes right through the intestines, bypassing the intestines and the first portion of the colon.

One drawback of the report is that information on live births, not miscarriages, and terminations or mortality were only included. The findings may be likely, by excluding such births, to minimize birth defects, at least since babies have birth defects that are too serious to stay.

Dr. Brian Smith, co-director of the minimum-invasive surgery program of UC Irvine Health and chairman for VA Long Beach Healthcare System noted that obesity can contribute to infertility.

Smith, not involved in the study, told e-mail:’ Many women choose to have bariatric surgery to promote childbirth and/or cure polycystic ovary, which is an important contributor to infertility.’

“People contemplating abortion or bariatric surgery must recommend postponing childbirth before, after they have achieved significant postoperative weight loss, their weight secure,” said Smith. “There is a more important health advantage for weight loss operations and for people who are considering body bypass.

Yet loss of weight without operation can also aid.

“If women are capable of good blood glucose regulation through diet and exercise alone, it may also be shown that non-surgical weight loss has the same benefits for reducing birth deformities,” said Smith.

Source :Reuters

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