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A cryptic pregnancy, also known as a stealthy pregnancy, may not be detected by conventional treatment techniques. There’s no cryptic pregnancy, but neither are they unheard of.


TV shows demonstrates like “I did not knew I was pregnant” from MTV show extreme examples. But anecdotal evidence suggests that in up to 1 in 475 cases, women might be unaware of their childbirth. Trusted Source It is frustrated if you hope to be pregnant and believe yourself to be, only to be told that blood or urine testing doesn’t make it possible. A steep pregnancy can also cause you to feel mixed feelings.


It can also be frightening and confusing to discover that at seven, eight or nine months you are actually pregnant. Certain women with this disorder are even taken by surprise with pain at work, which is their first true indication of pregnancy.

Let us examine the symptoms, figures and stories behind this true situation in more detail.

To comprehend how a cryptic pregnancy cannot be detected, it helps to understand the “ordinary” aspect of an early pregnancy. Most individuals in the United States find that they are pregnant within 5 to 12 weeks of conception.


A home pregnancy test will usually show a “favorable” outcome after a period was missed. An additional urine test, a blood test and an ultrasound will then verify the pregnancy in an OB-GYN. Most individuals notice early signs of pregnancy, including tender and swollen breasts, mood swings, exhaustion and nausea.


Nothing starts the chain of events that lead to the discovery that you are pregnant when you have cryptic pregnancy. Even after your period has passed, a pregnancy test can return negative. It can be used as stomach flu or indigestion to discard early pregnancy nausea.


Perhaps you were told that you were infertile or that your periods did not start regularly, so that you wouldn’t be likely to think of pregnancy as a option.


If you are pregnant but you are unaware, missing signs of pregnancy can make you confused. It is particularly simple to discloses symptoms like fetal movement, slight weight gain, and tiredness due to your diet or lifestyle decisions if you have never been pregnant before.

Slight pregnancy hormone concentrations may make it very mild or impossible to notice your pregnancy symptoms.

Cryptic Pregnancy
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What caused the pregnancy cryptic?

Fluctuating hormones can cause a mild bleeding similar to a period. Why would you take a pregnancy test if you don’t miss your time (or are very irregular to start with).

In combination with the prevalent causes of cryptic pregnancy, this line of thinking is how many individuals can spend months without having known that they are pregnant.

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Cryptic pregnancy requirements include:

Ovarian Syndrome (OSS). Polycystic Syndrome. It can reduce fertility, generate hormonal imbalances and lead to skip or irregular periods.

Perimenopause is the time between the beginning of your period and the end of the period, which is marked by menopause. Perimenopause symptoms can imitate pregnancy symptoms such as weight gain and hormone fluctuations.

Intrauterine birth control pills and equipment (IUDs) can make you feel confident that you cannot have a pregnancy. Although these prevention techniques are highly efficient, you can become pregnant even on birth control or with an IUD.

After a pregnancy and before your time comes back, you can get pregnant again. Because breastfeeding and hormonal causes the body to delay ovulation and the length of your time after birth may be several months, you may think your symptoms just fit in with your postpartum when you are pregnant again.

Low body fat and sports activity may lead to your months at a moment disappearing. People who engage in sports with high impacts can also have low concentrations of certain hormones, which makes pregnancy difficult to identify.

How much long does a cryptic pregnancy last?

How long a cryptic pregnancy may last is different from sources. It is difficult to gather information on this point, since it is not so long ago when individuals who are unaware of their pregnancy stopped, that they can inform you.


Anecdotal proof indicates that a cryptic pregnancy may last more than a typical pregnancy, probably due to very small concentrations of hormones at first.


On the other side, it is also known that a individual who is not conscious of their pregnancy could increase the chances of premature birth, a lack of prenatal care, bad diet and lifestyle decisions.

We do not have much trustworthy research to comprehend how long a steady pregnancy could differ.


If you are pregnant, how can pregnancy tests be negative?

If you experience a cryptic pregnancy, pregnancy tests and even ultrasounds can appear adverse. The reason why you have PCOS, missed or missed periods, are highly active or athletic, or have recently born, is as follows.

 The reasons are fundamentally:

If you fit one of these categories, you are more likely to have fluctuating hormones. If your uterus continues to drop partly or

If you do not have a regular period, hCG (pregnancy hormone) may not build up in a manner that is sufficiently important to give you a favorable home-pregnancy test.


Ultrasonic may not find a growing fetus

Even an ultrasonic may not find a growing fetus when it isn’t looking correct. If you have an inconclusive ultrasound If prior tests show you are not pregnant, an ultrasound technician may also not waste much time searching for a increasing fetus.


In spite of a adverse pregnancy test, if you are authorized for an ultrasound, you will probably not experience a pregnancy in the first trimester because:


  • An irregularity where the embryo is implanted
  • As the ultrasound tech mistake
  • Is formed by your uterus 
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How about work and childbirth after a cryptic embryo?

Labor and delivery will be physically comparable to any other pregnancy at the end of a cryptic pregnancy. You usually have contractions that feel like serious cramps, as your colon extends to the child. Your child will need to be pushed out from the birth canal once your cervix is diluted.


What’s different about a cryptic pregnancy work and delivery is that you may not expect it at all. This can trigger severe mental distress whilst it occurs.


You also may not have access to pregnancy care, so you may not have a doctor or a sister-in-law on call. Intense cramping feels like contractions if you experience.


There are many stories of women who claim they didn’t realize they’re pregnant. Examples of cryptic pregnancies


A 23-year old woman Trust Source, who went to his local RC for lower back pain, is told in medical literature. One story. When she came, before she was checked in she took a routine pregnancy test, which showed she was pregnant.


Even more surprising when its physicians began checking her for an ectopic pregnancy, they found that she was eight centimeters, almost ready to be born. A good baby boy, she supplied.


On several these instances of stubborn birth in 2009, NBC News revealed. According to their accounts, one female hurried to the ER with what she believed was appendicitis, only to find out that she felt the baby’s head emerging in the middle of work.


That child, too, was born and was healthy.




Apart from news reports and case studies, not all cryptic pregnancy stories come to a happy close. The best-case scenarios represent people’s tales that were healthy without knowing they were pregnant.


Sometimes a pregnancy is unsuccessful because a pregnant person cannot recognize the pregnancy. Cases like an abusive partner or an unbearable family that doesn’t accept the pregnancy can be affected by chronic mental disorders or outside factors.


There are also instances of pregnancy before people comprehend the symptoms of pregnancy in their early adolescence.


Statistically difficult to calculate the outlook for instances of stealthy embryo when abuse, mental health or a young individual is present, but it is secure to say that the pregnancy is not as probable to cause a good birth.


The main disadvantage in a cryptic pregnancy is that prenatal care is eliminated. This is not a danger in itself, if everything goes well with your pregnancy— which you couldn’t understand without prenatal care, ironically.


One study Trusted Source shows your child is much more probable to get prematurely delivered and underweight at birth without prenatal care.


Cryptic pregnancy, as a pathological expression of in conscious dispute, has been interpreted to date as a pathological manifestation. One of the most frequently given explanations for cryptic pregnancy is that a woman cannot accept the pregnancy and its consequences psychologically.


 Pregnancy does not only relate to many biological modifications in the body of a woman, but needs preparation for birth and care, all based on acceptance of pregnancy, fetuses and modifications.


The theory of conflict between parent and offspring offers a context in which cryptic pregnancies can be explained, although insufficient evidence leaves room for several physiological mechanism hypotheses.

In order to comprehend this complicated phenomenon, future research at many levels, including genetics, is necessary.

You are pregnant, but you are being tested too early,

Do you understand how pregnancy tests advise you to “test early for 5 days!” on your package? This applies to how many days you can measure yourself before your scheduled time period and get a reliable outcome.

But if you read the fine print, at the 5-day mark, the likelihood of accurate results starts out very small, increasing as you get closer to your time.

If it’s far too far from your expected period date, you won’t have enough pregnancy hormone in your urine yet to trigger a positive outcome on the test.

The best choice here is to just wait a few days until your period is up, or even all the way, (we know it’s hard to do!). Even re-testing again in 72 hours, however, might give you a different outcome.


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You're pregnant, but the levels of hormones are too poor to test at home.

Okay, so you waited until your period was completely skipped and the result was still negative?

It’s time to take into account the time of day you pee on the stick. If you are very new to pregnancy, your levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone released by a rising placenta for the uninitiated) may still be on the lower side, particularly later in the day when your urine is more diluted with what you’ve had to drink.

Test yourself first thing in the morning for more specific results, so you’re using the most potent urine. Icky, but effective!

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You're pregnant, so you hydrate too much.

The more your urine is diluted, the less hCG is present, and the less likely you are to get a good outcome. What’s got your urine diluted? Great ol ‘H20.

If you’re a dedicated hydrator (we see you with your HydroJug half-gallon), you might be too good at flushing your system out. And who knew?

Don’t completely cut back on water, just don’t drink too much the night before or the morning of the exam.

Cryptic pregnancy theories

There is presently restricted proof of cryptic pregnancy from the biological point of perspective. Some epidemiological studies offer a better understanding of the subject. These proofs, however, are indirect and inadequate to inform explanatory theories.

Women use physical indications to determine whether or not they are pregnant. These indications are decreased or absent in instances of cryptic pregnancy. Pregnancy is therefore not presumed in the lack of any indications.


All the variables and symptoms surrounding this phenomenon show that the mom is the most beneficial figure at the cost of the fetus in this dispute. One of the major frameworks used to comprehend the biological basis of cryptic pregnancy was the conflict between parents and offspring.

To explain the phenomenon in evolutionary terms, three hypotheses were developed. The fact that these hypotheses are not mutually exclusive should be taken into consideration.


Hypothesis 1: The conflict between parents and offspring outcomes, according to this hypothesis, in mother’s low investment. Research speculates the reduction in maternal participation in disruptions to the Genome Imprinting Mechanisms. This hypothesis is reinforced through evidence of the parenting specific impacts of hCG hormone. This hypothesis reflects an enhanced fetal danger. However, it is not supportive of the hypothesis that neonates demonstrate no other apparent issues except the decreased birthweight.


Hypothesis 2: This hypothesis explores the phenomenon of cryptic pregnancy in missed abortion. If a fetus whose hCG output is near the rejection limit of a mother survives without abortion at the start of pregnancy, it can survive till childbirth even when mothers invest little in pregnancy.


Hypothesis 3: Cryptic pregnancy is seen as an adaptive mechanism in circumstances of stressful life. Research using an Australian sample supports this statement by demonstrating that mothers have a elevated incidence of psychosocial stress.

The Key Takeaway

The Cryptic pregnancy is a true problem, but it is unusual and misunderstood. You should know that standard first trimester test techniques— blood tests, urine tests, or ultrasounds — are exact for most pregnancies if you think you’re pregnant.


If after a adverse home pregnancy test, you continue to have pregnancy symptoms, talk to your doctor you trust your particular conditions. Wait for one or two weeks to see if symptoms are going to diminish, but don’t delay searching for months for responses.


Remember that there are resources for you if you are in trouble or feel like you can’t deal with getting pregnant.


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How about you?

When did you sense your first time Cryptic Pregnancy? What did it feel? In the remarks below, share with us!




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